Classroom Management Strategies

  Daily Log

 Teacher Survival

   Daily Log:  

 In order to ensure that students are doing work every day it is important for them to hand in a log of what they have accomplished. These are included in the final grading scheme, but thier worth in the project can be determined by you. This is also a source for the students to write their notes on. If students are allowed to copy everything they want they will do little in the class.


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Teacher Survival:

 Before entering the room have a plan.

  • Does every student have access to the internet?
    There are forms to fill out that will take at least one
    week to process.
  • Have you reserved the computer lab?
  • Do you have a seating chart planned? More work will
    get done if you do.
  • Have you checked that day if things are in working order?
  • Have you reviewed with the students the acceptable
    use policy?
  • Have you reviewed what a URL is and that it must be
    typed in perfect?
  • Are you certain they know how to search the internet?
    It is better if the sites are all located on one web page
    for them to access.
  • How will the students be able to get help without monopolizing your time?
  • Did you arrange for the students to take notes on a daily log sheet?

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