Health Commissioner

The Health Commissioner is responsible for obtaining health statistics for the city. When an health issue has reached epidemic proportions it is the Health Commissioner who must inform the Mayor and the city of the problem that is at hand. Physicians are required to notify the Health Commissioner of certain health findings. In your role you will be required to answer the following questions for the public.

What might be the source(s) of lead in the city drinking water supply?

What area of the city is most likely to be affected? You will need to provide a map of the city and the surrounding municipalities for your visual aide. On the map shade in areas that are most suspect to have lead in their drinking water supply.

What are the number of cases reported each year for lead poisoning? What percent of the local population is this? What is the percentage break down of reported cases by age, gender, and race?

How many cases of lead poisoning go undetected?

How can the community determine whether or not they have been exposed to lead through their drinking water?

How is lead poisoning detected?

How is the city prepared to help low income residents determine if they have lead poisoning, or are currently being exposed to lead?

For those residences that do have problematic drinking water what assistance is available for them to resolve the problem?

Who can the residents contact to determine if they qualify for assistance?

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