Public Health Nurse

As a public health nurse you are in a position to meet with residents from the city and tend to their medical needs. The nurse usually gathers information and documents a person's current state of health. They also inform the public of health hazards; causes, preventions, and treatments. If necessary they can refer a patient to see a doctor when necessary. As the Public Health Nurse your job will be to educate the public as to the following information:

What is lead poisoning? What are the symptoms?

Can the symptoms vary from person to person? If so, what variables determine the effect that lead will have on the person who is exposed to it?

Once lead enters the blood stream of a person where does it travel/concentrate. You will need to create visual aide to explain which organs/body systems are affected. You must also describe how specifically these parts are impaired from carrying on their normal functions.

What are the affects of lead on a human body; short term effects and long term effects.

Who is most at risk to lead exposure?

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