Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing contractors are responsible for the water lines that branch off from the city water mains. Once the water travels through this plumbing the owner is responsible for the upkeep of the plumbing; sometime the tenant is also responsible if it is stated somehow in his/her lease. In order to inform the public on lead in the drinking water supply you must be able to answer the following questions in your presentation:

What types of materials are pipes for drinking water made from?

How are pipes connected to one another? What material?

Which types of plumbing materials are possible contributors of lead to drinking water?

How does water pressure affect the flow of a stream of water? Does this contribute to the concentration of lead in that household plumbing? If so, how?

What happens to water that sits in pipes for a certain amount of time?

What do the current codes for installing plumbing specify today to prevent lead seeping into the water supply?

What measures can be taken to lessen/prevent the amount of lead that might be found in a household? Are there any products on the market that might be available to consumers to lessen lead concentration? Make a list of the possible remedies for plumbing that is contributing lead to the drinking water supply for a home. Present this as a visual aid breaking down the solutions according to price range; high cost, medium cost, or low cost to the consumer.

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