John Marshall International Baccalaureate
High School
Technology Goals
Staff Development

K-12 Teaching and Learning Goal: Technology

Corresponding k-12 Teaching and Learning Goal:Students will use technological resources capably, actively, and responsibly.
Students will make responsible decision, solve problems, and think critically.

Corresponding Strategic Plan:

Target Goal: Computers and Other Technologies

In order to keep pace with current trends in education and business in a global society, technology must be pervasive in its acquisition and its utilization by the staff and students at Marshall. Technology is a major thrust of Marshall's educational plan. it is not a specific subject, but a way of thinking that permeates the entire curriculum. Technology enables students to use modern tools to solve practical problems and extend their capabilities in all areas of the educational process.

  1. Continue expanding technology for organizational, administrative, and managerial purposes so that all staff and faculty have access.
  2. Increase to 90% the number of staff who are computer literate.
  3. Continue the five-year technology plan initiated in the 1995/6 school year. The goal of this plan is to have voice, video and data access for every student.
  4. Increase MPS staff Internet certification to 95%.
  5. Require that all ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students have a working knowledge of keyboarding and other computer applications.
  6. Continue to require that all English students maintain a portfolio that contains major word-processed writing assignments from the English classes as well as from other curricular areas.
  7. All Marshall students will know information retrieval using the library local area network databases and the Internet.
  8. Continue programming to increase the number of students who are knowledgeable in basic networking.
  9. Continue to increase the availability of computer labs to parents and students after school.
  10. Staff will use room computers for grades and attendance.
  11. Foreign language teachers will use software as a key part of their curriculum.

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Action Plan

  1. Air condition computer labs and Library Media Complex.
  2. Provide workshops/in-service for teachers on the SMS system.
  3. Create a "help desk" for computer problems staffed by both students and staff.
  4. Purchase the following:
    • Air conditioning for computer labs in rooms 222 and 224 plus Library for $43,000
    • A CN KU band satellite hooked into existing distribution system through school with a cost of $10,000.
    • Color printers for computer labs with a cost of $15,000.
    • Wide laminator costing $3,000.
    • Computer sewing machine for $3,500.
    • Upgrade LAN server and install TNIN Client; $40,000.
    • Create foreign language lab; $65,000.

Staff Development

  1. In-service opportunities in computer application (including keyboarding) and other educational technologies will be offered for the entire staff after school and on Saturdays.
  2. Provide release time for faculty to attend conventions and workshops in order to have faculty and staff members stay current with new technologies.
  3. Provide funding for curriculum writing that will incorporate specific software and the use of the Internet as an integral part of classroom lesson plans.
  4. Offer more Internet classes at Marshall each semester for Internet certification.
  5. Train more staff members to handle basic computer troubleshooting and maintain a "help" desk.

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