Grading system








I don't believe in curves. I believe that all of you have the ability to function
in this course. If you do not posess the ability then you wouldn't have signed
up for this class. I expect you to work hard. Some of you will have to work
harder than others. That's just how life is. If you study on your own
without being told and keep up with your homework you should have little
trouble when a test comes. It is up to you to study. The material covered in class is the standard material that is necessary for all individuals taking this course throughout the nation.

A    93-100
B    85-92
C    77-85
D    68-76
U    67 and         below

Expectations for the Course

Schedule:       You will have a copy of the syllabus to refer to, however, updates                         and reminders are on the front board always. Read the board                         every day to find out what is assigned, what is being collected, and                         when  tests are coming up.

Notes:           Notes are manditory for this class. You will need to study from                        them.  We will not be using the chemistry text books for quite the                        while, so these will be your only source of study material. Notes                        will be collected and graded each mark period. If you are absent
                       it is your  responsibility to get the notes from a classmate. Please                        keep them neat and in order by date. Do not use your chemistry                        notebook for any other work and please do not graffiti on your                        notebook; it is very unprofessional and I will deduct points.                        Incidentally, most of the world views graffiti as an eyesore; not art.                        Your notes are worth 10% of your grade.

Homework:   Is normally graded on effort unless specifically mentioned. The                       value of the homework is usually 10 points if finished completely. If                       I am going over the answers in class the assignment will not be                       accepted. It is your responsibility to hand it in the next day when                       you are absent or receive an alternative assignment. Alternative                       assignments will be available on the front counter labeled with the                       date it was assigned. Homework counts as 10% of your grade.
Quizzes:       I do not announce quizzes. I expect you to study at least 1/2 hour                      every night and keep up with the class. I am here after school and                      before school if you need help. Everybody has other commitments;                      including myself. If I can sacrifice to be here after school, so can                      you! Please remember that if no one shows up after class by 2:55pm                      I will assume that no one is coming and I will leave. Quizes count as                      10% of your grade.

Tests:          Are on both vocabulary (being able to use it) and calculations.                      Tests are scheduled after the end of each topic and a reminder will                      be given at least three days in advance. Tests count as 40% of your                      grade. If you fail a test you may fail the mark period.
Labs:       Many of the labs are detailed and hard to finish if you have not read                      through the instructions and prepared you lab report. I expect you                      to know the equipment and be able to run the lab with little                      instruction. Write ups for the lab are usually due the next day.                     Those who are absent can work on the lab alone, however, I have to                      run class and I cannot help out. You will have to be independant. I                      have specific requirements for how I grade your laboratory work                      and I will share them with you. Laboratory work takes a great deal                      of time, therefore, laboratory work counts as 30% of your grade.                      This means that if you have an average of 100% in all the other                      parts of your grade you can earn no higher than a "D" in this                      course. Labs are graded on accuracey and professionalism.

Attendance is mandatory! Chemistry is hard enough, but when you are
absent often it makes it difficult to understand and catch up. Field trips in
other classes, as well as, Just say No, Crosstalks, Peer Mediation are very
valuable. However, So is my class! I am not responsible for keeping track of
your field trips. It is considered an absence and is treated by my as one with
respect to homework due and assigned, as well as notes. If you are going to be absent for a long period of time you should have someone call the guidance department to collect work for you and then have it picked up by someone. The school number is 461-8830.