Laboratory Rules

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Warning...Don't let this happen to you!


Chemistry Safety Contract

The following is expected of each student who wishes to participate in Chemistry
laboratory experiments. There are no exceptions. Failure to follow these request will
remove the student from lab.

1. Goggles and aprons are to be worn for the entire lab period until students are asked
    to take them off.

2. Absolutely no food, candy, gum, or beverage are allowed in the room.

3. Students must work with assigned partners. Labs are not social periods; they are work.

4. Open toed shoes and nylon type clothing are not to be worn on lab day. Loose fitting
    clothing with droopy sleeves or large shirt tales hanging out are not recommended.

5. Long hair is to be tied back to prevent catching on fire or contact with chemicals.

6. Student are to remain at their lab tables during lab; do not leave Bunsen burners
    unattended. Please refrain from placing objects into the flame out of curiosity.

7. Students are expected to keep their working area clean as they work and to clean
    up before they may leave class.

8. Report any broken equipment to the instructor. Broken glass is not to be used.
    Take care of the equipment, we may not get any more.

9. Report any accidents or chemical spills to your instructor immediately. Chemicals on
    the skin must be handled by the instructor. Records must be kept of any accidents for
    your benefit.

10. Playing around is NEVER allowed in laboratory!!! This includes extraneous, loud
      conversations. Talking too much is one way to cause accidents and make mistakes       during lab.

Smaller infractions of these rules will be dealt with by detention after school. Larger, or
more serious infractions will be dealt with by administration and perhaps loss of placement
in the Chemistry classroom.

Ms. Wittig



I have read and signed the safety contract for laboratory and agree to follow the
guidelines. My signature below is my commitment to participate in a safe manner within
the chemistry laboratory.

__________________________________ ____________
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