Course Syllabus for Chemistry



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 Aug 23, 1999
 Introductions, Expectations, Requirements
Chemistry Is Math!


 The study of matter
 Chemical/Physical Properties

 Building Laboratory/Scientific Skills
Metric Measurement
 Metrics Packet

Working in the Chemistry Lab
Safety Measures/Grading
Putting the Scientific Method       to Use
Writing a Proper Laboratory Paper
Density Lab

 September 27 Through
October 13
 Building the Chemistry Vocabulary

Defining Matter/Pure Substances
Distinguishing Between Chemical/Physical Properties and Chemical/Physical Change
 Determining the Properties of Oxygen and Hydrogen

 Finding Scientific Relationships/graphing
 Water Relationship Lab

 October 18 Through October 27
 Defining States of Matter/Finding
the Energy Connection
 Phase Change Lab
Conservation Lab

 Exploring the properties of Gases
 Building a Hot Air Balloon

 Exploring the properties of liquids
 Solubility Factors

 Acids and bases: a special case
 Indicator Lab
pH measurements Neutralization
 Exploring the nature of solids
Crystal Formation
 Breaking down Matter into Its Components

Distinguishing between Compounds , Mixtures, and Elements
 Separation Labs The Law of Constant & Multiple Proportions
 The Fundamental Building blocks
of Chemistry

Finding the Atom
Atomic Structure
 Mystery Box
 Forces Within The Atom
Atomic patterns of properties
 Electron configurations
 The arrangement of the Periodic Table
 Families of elements
 What Makes Atoms Join Together

Ions and Ionic Forces
Molecules and Molecular Forces
Naming Ionic and Molecular Compounds
Determining and Writing Chemical Formulas
 Determination of Cations and Anions in Solution

*note that test will be given after each topic is completed and that quizes will be given, unannounced during the topic at the teacher's discretion.


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