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LInC Staff Development Plan
Macatawa Bay School

Holland, Michigan


Our goal is to introduce technology-based, engaged learning projects to a group of teachers who will then assist in inservicing our district. Teachers will produce a technology-based, engaged learning lesson plan for use in their own classrooms.


Current Situation

Macatawa Bay is an 8th and 9th grade building currently operating on two schedules. The 9th grade operates on a block schedule that allows teachers a great deal of flexibility in the use of their intructional time. The 8th grade operates on a more traditional 6 period schedule. All students are members of an interdisciplinary academic team. These teams consist of English, science, math and world studies teachers as well as an elective teacher and a special education provider.

Macatawa Bay has had a recent upgrade in technology hardware. The entire district is linked by a local area network. Our school has a T1 connection, three walkin labs with 30 stations in each, an open concept library with 30 more stations for student use. Each classroom also has one station. Teachers are thirsting for guidance as to how to effectively integrate all of this technology into their present curriculum.

Interdisciplinary units as well as technology based instruction exist now, but are still being used in a traditional sense and fall short of engaged learning.


Community/Administrative Support

The school community has been tremendously supportive and visionary in recent years and have supported several bond issues and taken an active role in leading our school toward the technological opportunities that our staff and students now enjoy. Within Macatawa Bay, administrators support and encourage technological exploration and risk taking. This is, in fact, a major emphasis in staff development goals.


Resources Needed


Engaged Learning Goals and Activities


Professional Development Goals and Activities



During the fall of 1999, participants will meet face to face in the Macatawa Bay Library computer lab for two hours per week. The class will run for eight weeks with facilitators holding office hours on an as need basis. Participants will also be expected to do much of the class work outside of class.

The general outline of the class and topics covered are as follows:

 Week 1: Course Introduction; Introduction to Engaged Learning; Analyzing the Quality of other Projects
Week 2: Practice using the Components of Engaged Learning; Hook Activities, Authentic Task Activities; Student Direction Activities
Week 3: View Proposals; Evalutate Several Proposals; Brainstorm Project Topics
 Week 4: Discuss Possible Topics; Brainstorm Feasibility and Components; Begin Writing Proposal
Week 5: Discuss and Evaluate Proposals (Self-Eval. using Rubrics, Peer Eval., Discussion with Facilitators
Week 6: Begin Writing Student Page(s); Student Directed Break-Out Sessions
Week 7: Discussion of Quality Websites,Work Time on Pages
Week 8:  Finalize Pages and Present Projects to Each Other
Week 9: Three Months Later: Class Reunion, Evaluation, Discussion of Implementation




Participants will produce a technology-based, engaged learning lesson plan for use in their own classrooms. This plan will be evaluated based on a rubric that assesses the presence of engaged learning indicators, ease of implementing the lesson withing existing currucular frameworks, effective use of technology, and use of an authentic task to energize learners.

The success of this class will be assessed by the development of other trainers who will help to spread the concept of engaged learning to other teachers in the district.


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Created for the Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermilab, and funded by United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), and the National Science Foundation.

Author(s): Chad Miller(dutch_96@yahoo.com), Sharon Iverson(iversons@macatawa.org), Lynn Rutan(lrutan@sirus.com)
School: Macatawa Bay School, West Ottawa Public Schools; Holland, Michigan
Created: July 13, 1999
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