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  General Topics on Japanese History

  Japan's First Encounter with the U.S.

Japan's Conflicts with the U.S. 

 Japan-U.S. Relations Now and Future

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General Topics on Japanese History

  • http://trisun.rekihaku.ac.jp/rekihaku/information/about.html
  • A virtual tour of the museum. In English and Japanese.

    An online study of the history, people, geography and government of Japan.


    Japan's First Encounter with the U.S.

    An Independent Study of US/Japanese trade relations
    starting with Commodore Matthew Perry's appearance in
    Kurihama Bay and ending in the present day To be
    presented by Vicky Fales.

    The opening of Japan to the West by Commodore Matthew C. Perry, U.S.N., profoundly affected the American imagination.

    Commodore Matthew Perry meets Yoshida Shoin.

    Japan's Conflicts with the U.S.

    Clark Air Base 1899-1986 / The Calm Before the Storm P-40s
    assigned to the 20th Pursuit Squadron were lined up at Clark
    and awaiting fuel at 1215 on 8 December 1941. Fifteen
    minutes later, the Japanese ...

    Original documents, mostly from U.S. archives, about the decision to use the atomic bomb the cities of
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    This Web project aims to provide all readers with accurate information concerning the impact the first atomic
    bomb had on Hiroshima.

    Excerpts from diaries and private papers, Web links, and the article on the bombing.

    The city of Hiroshima's page contains an archive of information on the bomb droppings, a call to stop nuclear
    bomb usage, and information on the city.

    San Francisco Japanese are to be taken to Tanforan Race
    Track for internment. Gen. DeWitt is expected to speed
    evacuation of Japanese from strategic areas of California


    Japan-U.S. Relations Now and Future

    THE JAPAN THAT CAN SAY NO The New U.S.-Japan Relations Card by Akio Morita and Shintaro Ishihara Published in Japan by Kobunsha Publishing Ltd. Kappa-Holmes ...

    Domestic news, editorial and special features and an easy to use news archive. Also news overviews and background information.

    Bilingual Japanese paper offering news, special features and an FAQ.


    Student Recommended Sties (This is up-dated weekly.)

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