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The Internet is a network of networks. It has evolved into a cooperative arrangement among thousands of university, government and corporate networks that have agreed to use a common language for communicating with one another. CESA 7 Interactive Learning Services (ILS) is committed to making advanced technology and increased access to learning opportunities available to all of our students. We are pleased to announce that we now can offer limited Internet services to our students and staff. We believe this computer technology will help propel today's schools into the information age by allowing students and staff to access and use information with individuals or groups of other students and staff, and expand their knowledge base.

1) Acceptable Use

2) Privileges

3) Netiquette

4) Security

5) Vandalism/Harassment

6) Penalties

CESA 7 ILS makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. CESA 7 ILS will not be responsible for any damages a user may suffer including loss of data. The district will not be responsible for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through this Internet connection.

All terms and conditions as stated in this document are applicable to all users of the network. These provisions reflect an agreement of the parties and shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the United States of America.

I understand and will abide by the CESA 7 ILS Acceptable Internet Use Policy. I further understand that any violation of the Acceptable Internet Use Policy is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked, district disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.

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Created for the Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermilab, and funded by United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), and the National Science Foundation.

Author(s): Chris Rogers & Kazuko Stone
School: Green Bay, Wisconsin Team
Created: March 1, 1999 - Updated: April 27, 1999
URL: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/lincon/w99/projects/viewslant/stupolicy.html