Outdoor Exhibits at the Lederman Science Center

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Scientists who work at Fermilab are leaders in the international search to learn how the universe works. At the Lederman Science Center, visitors can explore Fermilab's science and technology from a kid's point of view. Engaging exhibits designed for middle school field trips are available to the general public.

When teachers and physicists designed the exhibits, they dreamed of building outdoor exhibits where students could engage their bodies and minds as they learned about Fermilab. The signature piece became a running path of Fermilab's accelerator complex.

We have started a multi-year program to create our outdoor exhibits. With a grant from the Kane County Riverboat Fund and other sources, in 2012, Fermilab Friends for Science Education supported the construction of "Run like a Proton," the outdoor accelerator complex exhibit. At the same time, Fermilab's Sustainable Energy Club installed a tracking solar array , an exhibit on sustainable energy, and Roads and Grounds began preparing a switch grass plot, an exhibit on biofuels.

"Run Like a Proton" joins two other exhibits, a human sundial and a bubble chamber window in front of the Lederman Science Center. Stay tuned for additions to our outdoor exhibits.