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Let's find out what other people know about growing plants. We can look in the library, talk to experts and look for information online. You may find the newest information on the Web.

Click on one of the links below. A new page opens. It is like reading a library book from another town or state.

Look for other links on the new page. Keep looking until you find something you want to read.

Write down the location of the Website. It is at the top of your page and begins with http:// Also take notes on what you learn. And you may bookmark the location of useful Websites.

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Plants and Our Environment

Learn about plants. Find out how they grow, the different parts of plants and much more. This Website is written by kids for kids.


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List of Plant Websites

Check out these Websites to learn even more about plants.


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List of Plant Picture Websites

Lots of Websites with plant photographs, pictures and drawings. Check out these images for your presentation.


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Growing Plants Without Soil

All about growing plants without soil. Read a comic book. Go to a hydroponics class. Find out what other schools are doing.


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Windowsill Planter Boxes

How to build a windowsill planter box and more from the Brookhaven National Laboratory Hydroponics Lab.


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Online Seed Catalog

Burpee Seed Catalog - Find the perfect plant.


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Roots and Shoots

Conservation program for students and teachers.


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