The sixth graders are looking for student investigators to research plant growth. Our task is to design experiments to answer two questions: What affects plant growth? Why do different plants grow better in some areas than others?

Getting Started

How will we answer these questions? We can create small research groups. Each group can study one factor that affects plant growth. Each group can use the investigation portfolio to develop a plan for their study. As a class we may be able to conduct some experiments together. We will be able to share our data on the Internet.
We have copies of the investigation portfolio in class.
To prepare our design plans we need to answer the following questions:


Let's keep track of our work in a seed connection notebook. How can we share what we have learned? We can share our project with other students online. Each research team can make a page. Use our student Webpage and be creative! We will help you implement your ideas online.
Sample Student Webpages

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