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Directions: Answer the questions below in the space provided.

1. How are work and energy related?




2. Circle the situation from each of the choices below that illustrates the greater amount of work:
 a. pushing a 40 kg shopping cart 100 m pushing a 40 kg shopping cart 100 m
 b. loading 300 kg of bricks into a truck loading 30 kg of bricks into a truck
 c. inserting a 10 cm screw into a board inserting a 7 cm screw into a board
 d. driving a Ferrari 22 km driving a Ferrari 100 km

3. Explain how kinetic energy and potential energy vary as a girl swings on a playground swingset.




4. Identify the type of energy represented by the underlined word in each of the following:
 a. an infrared lamp in a restaurant keeps food warm  ___________________________
 b. a student listens to a portable CD player  ___________________________
 c. a teacher talks loudly to a class to get their attention  ___________________________
 d. hamburger that has been eaten at lunch  ___________________________

5. For electrons to flow in order to power a television, there must be a complete _________________.

6. Energy is measured in units called _________________________.

7. Explain why a system that starts with 800 joules of energy, must have 800 joules even after several energy transformations.




8. Make a list of the top five ways you think you use electrical energy. Find out which one(s) really use the most.



Created for the NTEP II program on behalf of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado.