Lewis and Clark in Washington
Shrub Steppe Habitat

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Your job is to plan a walking field trip to the Columbia River.

You will need to:

Create a sense trip worksheet to be completed at river's edge - what might have Lewis, Clark, and the other explorers seen, heard, smelled, and have written in their journal as they paddled the Columbia River in October of 1805 and/or April of 1806.

Is there a section of Lewis and Clark's journals you could read to them and have them imagine paddling with Lewis and Clark? What else might someone want to know?


Interview Mrs. Gracia, the secretary, to find out what paper work needs to be done for the school disrict.

Pick two possible dates (in case of rain).

Plan our walking route.

Contact chaperones.

Decide on the time for leaving and returning to Amistad.

Author: Gail Wintczak, Amistad Elementary School, Kennewick, WA
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