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Your job is a:

  1. Statistician/Cartographer (Keep, draw, and record data using maps, graphs, charts, etc.)

  2. Writer (Record in writing what your teammates hypothesize, discover, and conclude from their data collection and research.)

  3. Researcher (Search for the answers to your team's questions by gathering information from books, CD's, Internet, video etc.)

  4. Technology Expert (Use the Internet to help your team research their task, learn to make and follow links, use the digital camera, and be willing to learn to use Kid Pix as well as PageMill to create Webpages.)

  5. Artist/Graphics Specialist (Draw, sketch, import graphics to help your team presentation look sharp and express what you want others to understand.)

  6. Team Leader (Keep the focus on each task for your project, settle differences, and support the work of the others.)

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