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As Mrs. Sonderman's letter indicates, the Franklin County Historical Society is looking for student investigators to research our area—comparing the way it is now with what Lewis and Clark found. Three elementary schools are participating: Amistad, Canyon View and Southgate. Our task is to collect data on plants and animals in our area.

Getting Started

How are we going to meet the challenge Mrs. Sonderman has given us? We will develop an action plan working in research groups to make two field trips to Zintel Canyon. We will collect plant samples, and we will look for clues of animals that live in or visit the canyon. You can choose to be a plant or an animal expert. We will be able to share our data on the Internet.

To prepare our action plan, we need to answer the following questions. We will share our plan with the Historical Society.


How can we share the information we gathered from Zintel Canyon? How will people at the museum and other schools learn about our results? We can add our information to a Lewis and Clark Website. Fifth grade students at Amistad and Canyonview have templates for our Website. They may not have added their data yet, but you can check out the pages. Can you find the pages we will use for our plants and animals? You can make a page for each one. Be creative! We will help you implement your ideas online.

Author: Vicki Mitchell, Southgate Elementary School, Kennewick, WA
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