How Safe Is Your Backyard?


Grading System

5 points 

4 points

 3 points

2 points

 1 point

 Computer Literacy
 Knows how to surf the web. Uses and integrates technology into lesson in a meaningful way. Expert on the computer. Capable of using search tools. Uses the search process. Searches the web using key words. Intermediate level of knowledge on computer. Integration of some web sites into lesson. Good use of email and bookmarks. Basic level of knowledge on the computer.  Limited usage of technology/very little information obtained on internet.  Does not use technology meaningfully.

 Group Work
 Teams worked collaboratively with other groups and were successful.  Teams worked with the other groups and completed the work. Team worked collaboratively as a group.  Some cooperation within the team.  Do not work cooperatively.

 Focuses on central topic, provides supporting details, and elaborates details.  Central topic is evident, includes appropriate details, and elaborates on details.  Central topic is evident and includes appropriate details.  Strays from topic, some details support the topic but does not elaborate on details.  Project is meaningless. No benefit from group support.

 Organizational Skills
 Clearly states conclusions and opinions. Uses conclusions and opinions to support central topic. All assignments are in on time.  Clearly states conclusions and opinions. Uses conclusions and opinions to support central topic. Most of the assignments are in on time.  Directly links conclusions and opinions to central topic. Some of the assignments are in on time.  Few conclusions and opinions, conclusions and opinions concern central topic. Very few assignments are completed.  No clear train of thought. No conclusion or opinion. Few, if any, assignments are completed.

 Visual/Oral Expression
 Good gestures and eye contact. Speaks loudly, clearly, and paces effectively. Great use of visual aids.  Uses gestures and eye contact. Speaks with expression and paces adequately. Use of visual aids good.  A few gestures with little eye contact. Hard to hear or too loud. Tries to use pacing. Use of visual aids attempted. No gestures and very little eye contact. Hard to hear, no expression or intonation. Attempts to use visual aids.  Subject matter not taken seriously. No expression or intonation. No visual aids.
 Presentation  Each team member contributed to the success of the group. Team was well prepared with detail and supporting information. The Presenters used questions, exclamations, and technology to captivate their audience. Most of the team contributed to the effectiveness of the presentation. Presenters held most of their audience throughout the presentation. Use of technology was evident.  Some of the students made valuable contributions to the effectiveness of the presentation. Presenters were somewhat somewhat on topic but interest was not always evident. Some focus on technology. Some oaf the team worked effectively to make an oral presentation. Presenters were not able to maintain the attention of the audience. Lack of adequate preparation and little focus on technology. Some team members worked to complete a 'speech.' Little evidence of group planning. Project was not technology based.

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Author(s): Rosanne Fabiny
School: Albert E. Grice Middle School, Hamilton Township, New Jersey
Created: September 9, 1998 - Updated: November 10, 2001
URL: /ntep/f98/projects/pppl/backyard/rubric.html