Student Experiments

Students are to perform one experiment at home. Write up the experiment using the scientific method format. Students will then demonstrate the above experiment in front of the class.

Home Experiments to Choose from taken from Simple But Significant Science Using Everyday Materials by Lois Nicholson:

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1. Balancing Nails on a Nail

2. Rolling Coin in Balloon

3. Racquet Ball Conserves Energy

4. Dropping a Light Ball

5. Hair Dryer Ball Balancing

6. Dinner Table Optics

7. Deli Optics

8. Film-Canister Optics

9. Flashlight Fiber Optics

10. Lightning in Your Mouth

11. Coat-Hanger Chimes

12. Non-Newtonian Fluid

 Other Experiments from Professor Shakhashiri's Collection

1. The Collapsing Can

2. Bending Water

3. Soft Water and Suds

4. Exploring Acids and Bases

5. The Fireproof Balloon

6. Floating Soap Bubbles

7. Chemiluminescence - Cool Light

8. Blue Sky - Red Sunset

9. Rubber Bands and Heat

10. Put a Shine on It

11. Fizzing and Foaming


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