Assessing Your Work - Rubric 2

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For ongoing assessment follow the guidance your teacher gave you at the beginning of the project.

For final assessment the following rubric assesses how much you learned about exploring and analyzing risks and make decisions accordingly. Rubric 1 assesses how well you accomplished the tasks in the student guide.

15-20 Points

10-14 Points

5-9 Points

0-4 Points


 Analyze risks and benefits associated with specific decisions.

 Identifies many risks and benefits

 Identifies some risks and benefits

 Identifies a few risks and benefits

Does not identify risks and benefits


 Make choices based on evidence.

 Supports choices with strong evidence from multiple sources

 Supports choices with evidence from several sources

 Supports chocies with evidence from one source

Does not support choices with evidence


 Illustrate the critical differences between making decisions based on facts and emotions.

 Identifies many critical differences

 Identifies several critical differences

 Identifies few critical differences

 Identifies no differences