Safety Websites

General Safety Websites

Adventures in Kidd Safety - games that focus on a variety of safety issues.

Kidsource - articles on a wide variety of safety issues that apply to children. Sorted by age and safety issue.

Safe Kids Campaign - frequently asked questions.

Injury and Violence Prevention Resources - online resources for injury and violence prevention.


Specific Safety Issue Websites


Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute - quick answers.


Kids 'n Cars - guidelines to protect children.


No Dog Bites - information on preventing and avoiding dog bites.


National Council on Fireworks Safety - statistics, neat classroom lessons and more.

Inline Skates:

American Orthopedic Association Position Statement - facts and tips to reduce risk on serious injury.


Customer Product Safety Commission Index of Resources - updated list of resources on playground equipment.

Shopping Carts:

Customer Product Safety Commission Report - tips on preventing falls from shopping carts.


Safety Challenge - Do You Know What's Safe? - toy safety quiz.

Water Safety:

Children and Water Safety - three steps to home safety.

Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention - links to facts and prevention tips.

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