Team Risk Report

Please complete and post this report so others can benefit from your research!

Is this a risk members of your team personally take?

Population at risk (Please specify if this is a U.S., CA, or local statistic.):


Numerical risk per 100,000 people:  



Information Sources:




Factors that can lessen the risk (if any):



Information Sources:



Did you find information that seemed biased? Please provide an example.



Did you use that source anyway? Why or why not?



Is the risk worth taking? Why or why not?



What are some strategies that can lessen the risk?




Are these reasonable strategies? Please discuss.




Will your research influence your decision to take the risk? Do all of the members of the team agree? If not, discuss the different viewpoints of various team members.



Were you surprised about any of the information you found?



Other comments about your project that are important for others to know:




Grade Level:


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