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Professional: The Present backwards

The Web ...The Grid  

In 1994, the Web was born in high energy physics. I collaborated with other Fermilab in personnel in the development and production of the first version of the Fermilab Home Page and the Education Office Home Page for World Wide Web. Moving from the development of interfaces for interactive video projects to the web was easy. Hypertext was old hat for me. In the early days, I worked with Laura Mengel and teachers on the first version of the LiNC (Fermilab Leadership Institute IntegratingInternet, Instruction and Curriculum) program.

As the web developed, we moved much of our content from print or standalone computer stations and videodiscs to the web. On this website, you can look at some of the projects I have worked on over the past ten years. We were able to develop websites where students could enter or upload data. This started with quadrat data for prairies and now involves a huge effort with the Cosmic Ray e-Lab for QuarkNet. These projects provide a web-based context for students to ask and answer research questions using online data and analysis tools and then publish their results. With the QuarkNet/Grid project (Cosmic Ray e-Lab), students will be doing their analyses on the Grid. Developing these online sites means interfacing to databases and making dynamic pages whether with Lasso or JSP. We continue to embrace new technologies to support students and teachers.

Mentoring & Collaborating  

I have had the opportunity to mentor a number of students from IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy) and other institutions. I have collaborated with lots of teachers both here and at CERN, our sister laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. I have had the pleasure of working with undergraduates from the University of Illinois on the QuarkNet/Grid Project. The mentoring phase is quite short with them so the relationship becomes a collaboration! I enjoyed getting David Mackenzie started on developing Flash animations for the Accelerator Kiosk.

Educational Multimedia at Fermilab  

We returned to Fermilab and the Midwest in 1990 at a good time. The Education Office was building the Lederman Science Center and my experience in interactive video was a good fit. My early contributions to the Education Office were the development of three kiosks for the Quarks to Quasars program and the multimedia station for the Particles and Prairies program.  The Particles and Prairies program won the Award of Excellence and the Gold Award in the Education, K-12 category in The NewMedia INVISION 1993 Multimedia Award Competition. The Particles and Prairies Program was profiled in Linda Tway's book Multimedia in Action as an example of multimedia as educator. She interviewed me and other people involved in the development of the software and videodisc.
I am a member of the design team for the hands-on interactive learning stations in the Lederman Science Center. This work involved a variety of activities (scripts, graphics, exhibit mockups, hardware) and interacting with a range of people (designers, video editors, scientists, teachers, docents). It's challenging and fun.

A Year in Mecca  

After grad school, I worked for one year as a summer intern and full-time consultant to Dr. Barbara Bowen of Apple Computer, Inc. I produced two videodiscs and wrote accompanying software on research partnerships supported by External Research, Advanced Technology Group, Apple Computer, Inc. Dr. Bowen has a strong interest in education so many of these partnerships involved leading researchers in the use of educational technology around the country.

Graduate School  

Mills College, MA in Interdisciplinary Computer Science
Thesis: The Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Mathematics Software with Interactive Video

After working for so many years, it was a great pleasure to go to graduate school at Mills. The ICS program emphasized applying computer science to another field, in my case Math Education. My first multimedia project was "Mills Vision - Interacting with Square One TV", a prototype for math education. I developed this as my thesis project with other graduate students and faculty at Mills College in collaboration with Margo Nanny of the Apple Multimedia Lab. We performed formative evaluation at the Exploratorium and summative evaluation at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Scientific Programming  

I combined working as an scientific applications programmer with raising two children. I worked at Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley Labs, Stony Brook, and Fermilab. Most of the software was for data acquisition systems for nuclear physics, geology and high-energy physics experiments.


Wellesley College, BA, Physics



Personal Diversions


While working in California after college, I married Chris Quigg, a grad student in Physics at Berkeley. We moved around as he took jobs at Stony Brook and Fermilab. Our son David was born in New York and our daughter, Katherine (aka Katie and Carter college to present) in Illinois. As my children went through grade school, I enjoyed teaching LOGO and BASIC to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders and helped create and administer a computer laboratory in their school. This experience led me from scientific programming to educational multimedia. Our children are grown and we now have four grandchildren, two in Seattle and twins in New Jersey. We lavish our affection on our standard poodle, Manon.


Fermilab provides a great place to exercise and enjoy the environment. Every lunch when weather permits, I make the circuit on rollerblades with the protons and sometimes with the antiprotons around the Main Ring. I like to bike and x-country ski as well.
Chicago provides wonderful music, theatre, lectures and good food.
We travel a lot, especially to the west coast and to Germany and France where we spent the academic year 1981-1982.
I am the webmaster and secretary for the Wheaton League of Women Voters.