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I have used Macromedia Director and Flash to create a number of activities and animations over the years to support the Education Office programs. Most of the early projects used Director because Flash did not exist and when it became available its programming capabilities were limited. Now Flash is the authoring tool of choice. It has the added advantage that it is scalable. Here are examples of my Flash and Director/Shockwave work.

Flash Work

Flash is a great authoring tool for animations and activities. Some of the animations are on the web while others are used in video production. Here is a sampling of some of the projects.

Animations for Websites

I created animations for the Fermilab Education home page, shown on the right. Another example is for the Teacher Resource Center

Some animations are created in Flash but exported as animated gifs so they don't require the Flash player. The one below shows the three decay modes of the Z0 particle.

Animations for Accelerator Kiosk DVD

I created twenty-two animations for the Accelerator Kiosk DVD. The frames in these were exported as a sequence of jpegs to be used in the AVID Video Editing Suite. On the right is an example. I mentored summer student David Mackenzie in the creation of about twenty more animations for the DVD. David did the video editing for the project.

Check out the our animations. The author of each is indicated.

Animations for Physics Activities

I created a Flash Movie to help students understand a top quark event from the D0 experiment. Here they can see the correspondence between the particles created in the event and how they are represented in the physicist's plot by clicking on each particle name. This was used in the E=mc2 (Calculating the Mass of the Top Quark) activity. We made versions of this in Spanish.




I created a Flash Movie that simulated the behavior of a data acquisition (DAQ) board used by the students collecting
cosmic ray data. On the right is the the first generation
version of the DAQ that appears on a website discussing the muon simulation. Click on one of the ten muon events across the top.

Check out an simulation of a later generation of the DAQ and
the photoelectic effect. Be sure to turn on the light source.



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