Relevance of the DVD
"The Fast Lane: Accelerators at Fermilab"

This DVD was published in early 2006. In mid-November 2009 the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland came online. The LHC exceeds the energy of the Tevatron described in the Fast Lane DVD. As the second most energetic collider in the world, the Tevatron will run until Sept. 2011 and after that the DVD's information about the Tevatron will be "historic". The information on how accelerators work and the first four accelerators (Cockroft Walton, Linac, Booster and Main Injector) will still be relevant because physicists will still use these accelerators to provide the particles (e.g., the neutrinos) needed to carry out non-collider experiments at Fermilab.

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