Western Chorus Frog (Pseudacris triceriata)

Hear what this frog's call sounds like!
Calls courtesy of Dr. Alan J. Wolf, Center for Biology Education/Biology New Media Center

The Western Chorus Frog is tiny, usually only about an inch long. This frog shows up in early spring as soon as the overnight temperature reaches about 40 F. They are extremely difficult to spot because of their size and their protective coloration. They are everywhere at Fermilab, occurring in or near virtually every wet spot!

You can hear chorus frogs day and night, usually in or near temporary collections of water. They have very loud voices and can be heard for a quarter mile in still air. Their call is a series of rapid short notes, often compared to running your fingers down the length of a comb.

Photos courtesy of Jeff LeClere at www.herpnet.net

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