Green Frog (Rana clamitans)

Hear what this frog's call sounds like!
Calls courtesy of Dr. Alan J. Wolf, Center for Biology Education/Biology New Media Center

Green frogs are fairly common. They are found in smaller permanent bodies of water, like shallow springs or streams. Green frogs call from early to mid-summer, and sometimes later in the year. They are fairly large (3 inches) and a dull green color. Patterns on older adults can be very different from each other. As green frogs age, the pattern goes from a random blotches (called "mottling") to being nearly invisible. Green frogs retain two very noticeable "dorso-lateral folds" that run from the head almost to the end of the body. This characteristic can help you identify green frogs in this area.

The song of the green frog has been compared to a "plunk" from a banjo string.

Photos courtesy of Jeff LeClere at

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