Teacher's Guide–Introduction

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What makes insects different from other animals? What roles do they play in our environment? Explore these questions and others in the multidisciplinary inquiry-based program, Insects at Work in Our World.

This engaging, hands-on, interactive curriculum gives first- and second-grade students an opportunity to be apprentice entomologists. It provides standards-based explorations in science, language arts, mathematics and art.

Fermilab is designated as a National Environmental Research Park. Its restored prairies, forests and wetlands are home to thousands of insects. Teachers attending the workshop may schedule free docent-led field trips for their students to explore these diverse habitats at Fermilab in search of insects and their relatives.

We have prepared this sampler (1.3 MB PDF) to give educators a preview of the unit. You can also download the complete Insects at Work in Our World manual. (97 MB PDF) You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.)

We have also prepared a list of online resources and bibliography (pdf).