Particles and Prairies Program and Kit are no longer available.
The Teacher's Guide Sampler is available for former teachers.

Particles and Prairies has been replaced by Energy and Ecosystems. Teachers who have taken Particles and Prairies are eligible for the Energy and Ecosystems field trips.

These credits are from the 2001 Particles and Prairies Sampler.


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Development Team

  • John Banaszak Westview Hills Middle School, Clarendon Hills, IL
  • Richard Billings, Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Larry Cwiz, Madison Junior High School, Naperville, IL
  • Particia Franzen, Madison Junior High School, Naperville, IL
  • Kathleen Greenawalt, Morton East High School, Cicero, IL
  • Donna McDonald, Batavia Junior High School, Batavia, IL

Fermilab Staff Members:

  • David Abler
  • Mitchell C. Adamus
  • Robin D. Dombeck
  • Rudolph F. Dorner
  • Angela M. Gonzales
  • Peter Kasper
  • Finley W. Markley
  • Elizabeth K. Quigg
  • Alison J. Read
  • Fredric W. Ullrich, Jr

Other Contributing Scientists:

  • Ellin Beltz, Chicago Herpetological Society
  • Robert Betz, Northeastern Illinois University
  • James Carpenter, Consultant Illinois Department of Conservation
  • Julie D. Jastro, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Jerome M. Johnson, Garfield Farm, St. Charles, IL
  • Marcia Lautanen-Raleigh, Schingoethe Center for the Native American Culture, Aurora University
  • Thomas E. Warkins, Nature Landscapes, Winfield, IL
  • Robert J. Wolff, Trinity Christian College

This material is based upon work supported by the Illinois State Board of Education through a Scientific Literacy grant to Friends of Fermilab.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is operated by Universities Research Association, Inc. under contract with the United States Department of Energy.

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