The Second Symposium on the Nature of Science

Handheld Computers in the Science Classroom

Stephen Best

Business professionals aren't the only people using handheld computers. Come and see for yourself how these devices are being used in science classrooms. This session will demonstrate a number of software tools developed by the Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education (hi-ce) at the University of Michigan for use in science (and other) classrooms for students of varying levels, and will show how these tools are being used to further the understanding of challenging science content. Participants will have an opportunity to try these tools first-hand, and will receive free software and information.

Stephen Best
Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education
University of Michigan

Stephen Best is the Director of Outreach and Professional Development for hi-ce at the University of Michigan. He has given hundreds of workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses regarding the use of "learner-centered technologies" in the classroom, and is involved in a number of programs designed to bring new technologies into classrooms to improve student learning. Steve has also been the Director of the University of Michigan's "Master of Arts with Certification" Graduate Teacher Education Program, and was a middle and high school mathematics and science educator in Michigan and Hawaii.

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