The Second Symposium on the Nature of Science

Inquiry Process Circus

Susan Dahl

Yes we know the scientific process, but with a variety of versions of it in use, do we have a clear understanding of what each stage is and what it looks like in classroom activities? This session will provide hands-on activities to help teachers clarify their understanding of each stage so they can better analyze their curriculum and student activities. Through this clarification we will be better prepared to be sure students are provided with opportunities for each stage in the inquiry/scientific process. The "Process Circus" is a professional development activity of the Exploratorium Institute for Inquiry.

Susan Dahl
Education Office
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Susan Dahl, Education Specialist, established the Fermilab Teacher Resource Center collection and services and serves as the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Demonstration Site Coordinator for the North Central Mathematics and Science Consortium. Susan works with educators throughout the seven-state Midwest region in the areas of inquiry teaching and learning, analysis of curriculum materials, and technology analysis and integration. The TRC through Susan's direction contributes to the Educational Software Preview Guide and ASCD's Only the Best educational software directories. Susan is a certified teacher and library media specialist and has a Masters of Education in Instructional Design and Technology from Northern Illinois University.

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