The Second Symposium on the Nature of Science


Bonnie Fleming
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Neutrinos are pesky little particles, difficult to study but full of a wealth of information. They are part of the Standard Model of particle physics, scientists' description of the most elementary particles in nature. As the tiniest of this bunch, neutral, and not quite massless, this particle whizzes through almost everything without stopping. This makes studying them at worst nearly impossible, and at best only slightly impossible. But what fun! Fermilab is home to several different experiments studying this elusive particle.

Bonnie Fleming
Lederman Fellow
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Bonnie Fleming (B.A. in physics, Barnard College; Ph.D. in physics, Columbia University) is a Lederman Fellow at Fermilab working on the MiniBooNE experiment. Bonnie's dissertation work involved proton structure measurements using high-energy neutrino beams. Her research interests since then have focused on neutrino physics on the MiniBooNE experiment.

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