The Third Symposium on the Nature of Science

How a Chemist Needs Computer Science, Biology, and Engineering to Push the Limits of Modern Mass Spectrometry
Neil Kelleher

Watch the talk (running time 1:05)
An emergent "Top Down" approach to proteome analysis will be described. It combines informatics with ultra-high performance mass spectrometry to enable efficient characterization of biological events that change the mass of protein molecules from that predicted by a genome sequence. Top Down holds promise for improved diagnostics and a deeper understanding of the signaling and regulatory "codes" eukaryotic cells use that are written in the language of post-translational modification.
Neil L. Kelleher
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Professor Kelleher received a B.S. and B.A. from Pacific Lutheran U. in 1992, a Fulbright Fellowship the following year, and a Ph.D. from Cornell U. in 1997. After a NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School with Chris Walsh, Kelleher joined the faculty at UIUC in 1999 as a bioanalytical chemist.

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