The Second Symposium on the Nature of Science

Using Technology to Engage Students in Science

Richard Marvin

The need to excite students about science is important at every grade level. This hands-on HOBO data logger demonstration will show you how to use technology to do just that. The HOBO is a data collection device with a variety of sensors including temperature, relative humidity, and light all compacted into a matchbox-size, completely portable, easy-to-use device. The company I represent, Onset Computer Corporation, thought it would be nice to encourage future scientists by loaning out these HOBO data loggers for free for students and teachers to run two-month experiments. We created a web site,, to post their results and labs and awarded prizes to those that participated. The response across the country at every grade level has been phenomenal. We have loaned out $150,000 worth of HOBOs to date and now have over 85 free labs available for download off the web site.

Most importantly for you, we have seen how easy it is to use technology to engage students in science. In this workshop you will each learn how easy it is to launch, deploy, and readout a data logger in a directed experiment and in your own experiment. You will be provided resources and materials that will show you how to implement this type of program. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about any type of technology implementation in schools.

Every attendee will be guaranteed a free two-month loan of HOBO data loggers for themselves or the school or educational program they represent.

Richard Marvin
Onset Computer Corporation

Rich Marvin has been a science educator at every grade level for fifteen years. He and his wife, Tee Marvin, simultaneously started a retail computer business offering computer camps and training for toddlers to seniors. They catered to the "Technically Terrified" for seven years on Cape Cod. Two years ago, Onset Computer Corporation asked Rich to share his skills in getting data loggers seeded in the hands of teachers and students. He created iScienceProject and has been an Onset employee ever since. Rich and his wife, Tee, produce and host a public access show called Technology Today. They are resources for the implementation of technology at every level and enjoy sharing that with others. They also have five kids from age 8-26 and one grandchild with one on the way.

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