Prof. Gyuk

Geza Gyuk (Adler Planetarium and University of Chicago)

Telescopes from Galileo to VERITAS

Watch the talk (running time 42:43)

The invention of optical telescopes revolutionized astronomy in the 1600's. Over the past hundred years telescopes were expanded, following the same general principles, into huge new regions of the electromagnetic spectrum: We now have radio, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray telescopes. But in very recent years the concept of a telescope has been revolutionized. We are now operating or constructing "telescopes" that utilize entirely different messengers from the universe: gravity waves, cosmic rays, energetic neutral atoms, and neutrinos. After an introduction to the history of telescopes, we will dive into the workings and purpose of one of these new types of telescopes, the high energy VERITAS array.

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