The Second Symposium on the Nature of Science

The Thinking in Photography

Fred Ullrich

From its very early days, photography has been a tool used to provide a unique view of the world around us. It has documented historical events, revealed perspectives of social issues and has served as an observation and data-gathering tool for science. It is also used and recognized as an art form. The process of making fine art photographic images has many similarities to the process of doing science. The intuitive leaps as well as the continual refinement of one's art are also common elements to the way science is done. An artist's decision making process in selecting and composing an image can be argued to be similar to the process a scientist uses when approaching a problem. This exercise will explore these ideas and present methods for looking at new ways of seeing common objects.

Fred Ullrich
Visual Media Services
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Fred Ullrich is Manager of Fermilab's Visual Media Services, a visual communication arts department that utilizes numerous communication technologies including photography, digital imaging, video production, video streaming, duplication/print shop, audio/visual speaker support, and graphic design. Fred is responsible for all phases of project management, budget, and staff supervision.

Fred is also a fine art photographer. He has been making black and white photographs since 1970. He maintains a personal darkroom and has had a gallery presence in the Chicago area for the past seven years. He has studied fine art photography at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona and at the Center of the Eye Photography School in Aspen, Colorado. He has participated in several fine art photographic workshops in the New England area and has presented black and white workshops in the local area. Fred holds a Masters of Science in Education from Northern Illinois University.

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