Resources for Program Development
The following resources may assist those who are developing programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of mathematics, science and technology teachers and provide opportuntities for students to experience science first-hand. They include tools and references on best practice. For the most part they come from a multi-year collaboration of U.S. Department of Energy precollege education program managers and the National Center for Improving Science Education.

You can download the following files that contain planning/formative evaluation documents. Originally written for the U.S. Department of Energy labs, they can easily be adapted for use by other sites.

Bibliographies for "best practice" used in developing the templates:

Program Evaluation:
Background and Methods
Program evaluation instruments including forms to download and guidelines and letters for:

Instrumentation developed by the National Center for Improving Science Education for Department of Energy Precollege Education Programs. Contact M. Jean Young, MJ Young & Associates, 6605 N. Foothills Dr., Tucson, AZ or e-mail

References on engaged learning and effective use of technology.

A form based on the National Science Education Program Standards to help schools and districts determine how closely their reform efforts align to the standards. NOTE: This is an Excel file, and you must close the Excel application on your computer before you open this link!