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Fermilab Resources for Students

You might bookmark some of these resources to give your students easy access to information.

Fermilab Classroom Activities and Units

A collection of Web-based games developed from selected hands-on exhibits at the Lederman Science Center introduces students in grades 6-12 to the science and technology of Fermilab. The site is equally valuable for classroom and home use.

Online Prairie Projects
Three online projects make the prairie come alive for students.
SIMply Prairie: Create a Prairie Plot - Quadrat Study
Smallville online environmental impact study: Grades 4-5 - Grades 6-8 - Grades 9-10

Special Relativity
This Website provides resources for secondary and post-secondary teachers of physical science. These resources include data reduction projects and particle physics datafiles. The data reduction projects guide student investigation of a dataset to a particular end result. The datafiles are written in a format that allows for rapid Web file transfer and ease of import into commonly available applications such as Microsoft Excel. Students download and reduce these data in an open-ended environment in which they investigate their own questions. The first of these resources is a data reduction project that guides students to an understanding of special relativity.

Top Quark Mass
This classroom activity is available online or as part of the Topics in Modern Physics revised teachers guide. Students use data from a special top quark event and conservation of momentum to calculate the mass of the top quark. The activity builds on an understanding of vector addition, and the instruction needs to add only a short explanation of particle physics.

Physics Activities
Created by Frank Lipinski, a Fermilab Teacher Fellow, these two activities help middle and high school science students check their understanding of particle decays and data analysis.
Particle Decay Prediction - Graphing Particle Data

Explore one of the most important, non-classical, behaviors of light - the photoelectric effect with The Photoelectric Effect Virtual Lab, developed by Fermilab Teacher Fellow, Tim Brennan.

Classroom Units

Online units designed to demonstrate principles of engaged learning and effective use of technology

Handbook for Engaged Learning Projects
Technology is an increasingly popular tool for learning. These classroom projects were designed by K-12 teachers to demonstrate engaged learning and effective use of technology. The subject matter is not necessarily based on Fermilab science. Designers

Index of All LInC Projects - Project Exemplars
Teachers created these projects as homework during the Fermilab LInC course for a particular community and school. Some of them may be A's; others C's. Some are ready to use; other are appropriate to adapt for your classroom or may give you ideas for a project you want to develop. You may assess their merit using a rubric we developed for "publishable quality" projects. Projects are evolving as teachers gain more experience with engaged learning and the Internet as a tool. The subject matter is not necessarily based on Fermilab science. Rubric

NTEP Projects
The NTEP collaboration is based upon teaching/learning models that are analogous to ways scientists discover knowledge and solve problems. Teachers participated in research experiences facilitated by scienitists at nine Department of Energy national labs. This Website disseminates some of those research scenarios as online classroom projects. Where appropriate, the online projects incorporate student access to lab data and an opportunity to tele-collaborate with other students.