Tutorial on Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based learning is a system for organizing portions of a school's curriculum around ill-structured problems that help students simultaneously acquire new knowledge and experience in solving problems.

Bill Stepien
Northern Illinois University Consortium for Problem-Based Learning

Steps - Background - Socratic Taxonomy - Brainstorming - Research Plan - References

Problem-based learning and engaged learning enable students to actively participate in their learning while acquiring skills necessary to function in tomorrow's technological society. These online learner-centered units allow students to use the Internet as the organizer for their research study. The teacher provides importance guidance throughout the study.

Problem-based learning requires an artful combination of a skilled teacher/facilitator who recognizes the value of each step and who takes the time for proper preparation, assimilation, development and involvement. As a result students will:

As students begin the PBL process and progress through its stages, an observer may note the following steps:

After the Students are Introduced to the Problem: