Classroom Talks

Charge! Electricity and Magnetism:   Description
  Outline (PDF)
  Presentation (PDF) - Updated 5/2010
  Outline (OpenOffice)
  Presentation (PowerPoint)
  Presentation (OpenOffice) - Updated 5/2010
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  PhET Demos
  PC Only - 150M, Installers:
  OpenOffice&Java Demos,
  Amber Johnson/Michael Cooke
Ruth Pordes' and Felix (Nestor) Sotres' Presentation - Part 1 (27M) and Part 2 (15M)

Light and Color
Light and Color, T.J. Sarlina/Susan Burke
Light and Color, Anne Heavey
Light and Color, Sharon Lackey
Light and Color (4.9 M),Jim Zagel

Cryo Show

Forces and Motion
Forces and Motion (pdf), Leo Bellantoni
Forces and Motion, T.J. Sarlina/Anne Heavey
Force and Motion, Don Lincoln
Force Script (pdf - rtf), Alysia Marino
Force and Motion Equations, Jean Slaughter
Force and Motion (pptx - notes ), Skater Spinning movies (1 - 2) - Feather vs. Hammer Drop), Dave Schmitz

Physics in the Real World
My life as a physicist, Kendall Mahn
Fermilab Scientists, Cecilia Gerber
CERN and Fermilab (33.2M-pptx) (9M-pdf), Elliot McCrory

Einstein Introduction (D Lincoln)
  PowerPoint-v1, (download)
  PowerPoint-v2, w. shockwave (download)
  Brownian Motion, (save as)
  Photoelectric Effect, (save as)
Fermilab photos ppt
Fermilab photos pdf
Who are scientists? ppt and pptx - Play this at the beginning of your visit; shows Fermilab employees as kids and scientists/engineers.


Physics of Sports
Physics of Sports, Wijngaarden v. 2004
Physics of Sports, Bran Wijngaarden
Physics of Ballet, Natalia Kuznetsova
Physics of Sports, Linda Valerio/David Harding (Nov. '06) - Physics of Sports draft outline, (MS Word doc, Jan. '07) - Revised 2010 (5.2 Mbytes)
Handout for Reaction Time Activity
Physics of Sports 2016, Linda Valerio

Space, Time and Einstein
Relativity, Natalia Kuznetsova
Space Time and Dr. Einstein for middle school, Mike Albrow
Space, Time, & Einstein for middle and high school students, Ming-Jer Wang
Space, Time, and Einstein for middle and high school students, Jahred Adelman
Space, Time, and Einstein (3.1 M), Penelope Constanta