General Links

Public Outreach
Clint Sprott's Wonders of Physics from University of Wisconsin, Madison
Clint Sprott's Physics Demo Manual
Phun Physics shows from University of Virginia
Physics Van from Universitiy of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
How Does A Thing Like That Work from University of Pittsburgh
Physics on the Road from Purdue University
The Mad Science Group

University Catalogues of Demonstrations
Boston Univeristy's physics demonstrations
University of Victoria physics demonstrations
Wesleyan University physics demonstrations
University of Minnesota, The Origin of the DCS
Physics Demonstrations at the University of Texas at Austin
University of Maryland
University of Wisconsin
University of Guelph
University of Oregon
Brown Physics Lecture Demonstrations
University of California, Berkeley
Boston University
University of Victoria
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest University
CSU Pomonaloads slowly
Michigan State University
PIRA at University of Arkansas
Northern Arizona University
University of Texas, Austin
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
University of Waterloo
Physics Instructional Resource Association (PIRA)

How Stuff Works Awesome explanations of alot of things!
Science Hobbyist
Lots of demos here
Physics of Auto Racing
The Exploratorium

Suppliers of Demonstration Equipment
Large scientific-supply companies:
Arbor Scientific
Edmund Scientific
CENCO - Central Scientific
Edmund Scientific
Fisher Scientific
Frey Scientific
NADA Scientific
Science Kit

Large general-supply company:

Specialty companies:
American Stirling Company - Stirling engines
Educational Innovations - all sorts of neat gadgets
Knowledge Revolution - Interactive Physics simulation program
Levitron - magnetic levitator
Supersaturated Environments - cloud chambers
Vernier Software - interfacing hardware and software
Ztek - multimedia, laserdisks, players