Charge! Electricity and Magnetism

These "Charge! Electricity and Magnetism" demonstrations were created by Amber Johnson (Fermilab) and Michael Cooke (Rice University) in March, 2006.

Both an outline and a presentation are provided each in two formats, document files and Adobe Acrobat portable document files. A PowerPoint Presentation is available that Mike exported from OpenOffice. The outline is just a loose organization of various demos with a few notes to help with audience interaction. The presentation is meant to be projected in front of an audience, and it is a more focused path that attempts to link together the demonstrations and physical concepts into a more structured "lesson" where later material builds upon earlier information. Links to Java based demonstrations are also included in the presentation, to help address concepts that are difficult to show with a "hands-on" demonstration. Notes for each slide, detailing ideas on how to present the material, are provided in the OpenOffice presentation file, if you switch to "Note" view.

For PC owners, we have provided a zip file with two executables to install OpenOffice and the Java-based demos. Mac owners will have to download these directly from the sites listed below.

Included in the zip file are the latest (as of March, 2006) installation files for the suite and the Physics Education Technology (PhET) Java based physics demonstrations. To install OpenOffice on a PC, just download, unzip, run the provided "OOo_2.0.1_Win32Intel_install_wJRE.exe" file and follow the instructions (a "complete" installation is reccommended). To install the PhET demos, run the "PhET Java Demos Installer.exe" file. Note that the links in the presentation assume that you have installed the PhET demonstrations into their default directory:

C:\Program Files\PhET

If you do not install the PhET demos to this (the default) directory, then the links inside the presentation will not work! The links in the pdf versions may not work so you may need to go directly to the website to demo these.

The latest OpenOffice suite is available online at:

The PhET demonstrations are available online at: