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Fermilab Education Office: Classroom Presentations

Physics in the Real World (4-12)
Scientific, engineering and technical staff shares the real world of physics at an international laboratory. Do you want to learn more about what is being studied at Fermilab? Are you looking for a scientist or engineer to talk about science and engineering practices in their daily lives? How do physicists learn to be problem solvers? What kind of tools do Fermilab engineers use in their own work?
Request this presentation if you are looking for a presentation such as a career day talk or a more in depth presentation on the science of Fermilab.
Preparing for the Presentation

Length of time: 20-50 minutes depending on the nature of your request

Room preference: Setup is flexible based on the nature of your request. Please add notes on the Classroom Presentation Request Form.

Comments about the Visit

"Thank you for doing such a great job of making everything digestible for the kiddos, deepening their knowledge and understanding, sparking their curiosity, and exciting them as learners and scientists. We truly appreciate you sharing such wonderful and meaningful learning opportunities with us."

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