Guidelines - Teacher Logs
Teacher logs are to be collected 'pre' and 'post' program for the purpose of exploring changes in teaching practice that may have resulted from participation in the summer institute.


  1. Identify teachers who will be asked to complete teacher logs plus 2-3 alternates. Telephone these teachers and include the following information:
    • Teacher logs are a relatively new form of evaluating programs. We are using them to help us improve our program and to assess the extent to which the program affects teaching and learning.
    • They have been selected randomly from teacher-participants of the [Name of Program] to help us evaluate our program. Several teachers in this and other programs are being asked to complete logs to assess the overall effectiveness of XX programs nationwide.
    • We are asking them to complete logs for four weeks, and for this they will receive [$100.00] in thanks for completing the task. Completing logs requires they use a set of codes they apply to their daily lessons. In other studies using logs, teachers have needed about 15 minutes the first day to get used to the codes then about 5-7 minutes every day they complete logs thereafter. Several teachers have said they found the task interesting in terms of looking at their own teaching in a new way.
    • Because of the nature of the [Name of Program] we will be asking that you complete the logs during the time you are teaching [give appropriate task/topic].
    • After sending in completed logs, we will ask you for a brief telephone interview (approximately 15-20 minutes) to discuss issues related to the logs and the [Name of Program] program.
  2. Mail the materials they will need to complete the task (see instruction sheet) along with a cover letter (see example) as soon as possible after they agree to complete the task. You may want to include a postage-paid envelope or just an envelope so they can mail the materials back to you.
  3. Set up a system so that if they call you, you can address their questions immediately.
  4. As soon as you receive the completed logs, mail them their check with a thank you note (see example), as this will insure you get their cooperation in doing post-logs.

Post-Program: Telephone the teachers to ask about their willingness/availability to complete post-logs. Mail materials.

Instruction Sheet for Teacher Logs

Telephone [name of contact person], if you have questions:

[Telephone Number]

If you leave a message, please indicate the TIME and DATE you will be
available for a return call (also indicate an alternate time and date).

  1. Fill out a Prelog Survey for your [science/technology] class.
  2. Fill out a Daily Log every time you teach that class [science/technology] for 20 classes.
    • Question 1: Write 2-3 intended outcomes or the general purpose of the lesson as it relates to what you hope students will get out of the lesson.
    • Question 2: This question relates to whatever other things are going on in your class such as announcements, fire drills, or the like.
    • Question 3: It is expected that your students may not all be doing the same thing or that several topics may be covered in one lesson. For each topic, please list the topic and write down the number of students studying this topic in the space provided below the box. Also, please note the emphasis code or codes listed on the Emphasis sheet and write the code(s) under "Emphasis" below the box.
    • Question 4, 5, 6, and 7: Each of these questions has a list of codes on the enclosed code sheet that we hope will make the task of completing these questions easier. If you feel that the codes do not adequately match what happened during this lesson, use the space provided for a brief description.
    • Question 8: Often something noteworthy happens in your class that cannot be described using this kind of format. Use this space for telling us about it.
  3. Put all the materials in the envelope provided and mail it to me by [due date]. Enclose in the envelope any other materials such as copies of tests, copies of worksheets, or anything else you have available related to the lesson. [Possible addition: If you wish, send the envelope C.O.D. and we will pay the mailing expenses.]
Name of Person Collecting Teacher Logs
Address of Person Collecting Teacher Logs

Sample Cover Letter: 'Pre" Teacher Logs

Name Address


Dear [Teacher-Participant]:

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our research of [program]. I have enclosed 25 Daily Logs (enough for 20 classes plus extras) for you to fill out and return to me. Please see the enclosed instruction sheet for details. Also find, enclosed, two sheets to help you fill in the Daily Logs (one entitled "Emphasis" and the other entitled "Codes"), and a Prelog Survey. There is also a class set of student surveys and an instruction sheet for conducting the survey.

We have asked several teachers to fill out teacher logs, and will report all the responses together. Neither your name, nor the name of your school will be included in any report.

If you have any questions, please telephone me. If you leave me a message, please make sure to include your specific question or concern, exactly when we can reach you, and an alternative time in case we cannot reach you at that time.

If you decide for any reason that you cannot participate, please let me know as soon as possible. As soon as we get your completed logs, we will be mailing you a stipend of $100.00 in thanks for helping us with this phase of our research.


Name of Person Sending the Letter
Address of Person Sending the Letter

Sample Thank-you Letter: 'Pre' Teacher Log



Dear [Teacher-Participant]:

Thank you for completing the teacher log. Enclosed please find your check for $100.00.

Your participation has meant a great deal to our research effort. We hope we can call upon you to repeat the process again next spring, for which you will receive another $100.00.

I look forward to meeting you at the Lab/University this summer.


Name of Person Sending the Letter
Title of Person Sending the Letter

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