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High School School Projects

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Designed to demonstrate principles of engaged learning and effective use of technology by K-12 teachers who participated in staff development programs
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory in Batavia, IL

Teachers created these projects as homework during the Fermilab LInC course for a particular community and school. Some of them may be A's; others C's. Some may be appropriate to adapt for your classroom; others may give you ideas for a project you want to develop. You may assess their merit using a rubric we developed for "publishable quality" projects. Projects are evolving as teachers gain more experience with engaged learning and the Internet as a tool. These projects are designed for a particular community and school. Other teachers may wish to modify them to reflect their own situations. Projects are evolving as teachers gain more experience with engaged learning and the Internet as a tool.

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High School Projects

Air Pollution: a Local and Global Problem: Chemistry
Students investigate the problem of air pollution in a given location and research possible solutions using a variety of tools (laboratory technology, Internet resources, multimedia technology, etc.).Student Pages

Around the World Zoo: Biology
Tenth grade students design and maintain a zoo Website. They research, classify, and provide habitats for different animals. They interact with experts in the animal field, such as zookeepers, veterinarians, and zoology professors. The students communicate with other students from around the world to learn about new animals to add to their zoo. Student Pages

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease): Food Science
Student Pages

The Bridges Of Adams County: Drafting
Assisted by computer software programs and the Internet, eleventh grade Carpentry students along with eleventh and twelfth grade Drafting students at the Ohio Valley Vocational School in West Union, Ohio will design and build their own balsa wood model bridges. The technological development of bridges throughout history, the science principles that apply to bridge building, and the construction techniques and skills necessary for creating an exemplary bridge will be explored. The hoped-for final product of the activity is student contribution to their community regarding the future construction of bridges within their county. Student Pages

Build a Recreation Center Using Geometry: Geometry
Students work in groups to design specific parts of a recreation center. By choosing their area of interest, they will research and apply concepts of geometry. Student Pages

Cancer Therapy and Physics: Physics or Integrated Biology, Chemistry, Physics
This project provides student with the opportunity to apply their knowledge of electricity and magnetism, high energy physics, and radiation as they explore treatments and ultimately present and defend their preferred method of therapy. Student Pages

Careers in Mathematics Project: Math - Careers
Student Pages

Classical Greek Sculpture: Art - Sculpture
Student Pages

College Search Made Easy: Giudance and Counseling
Students find excellent, up-to-date, and personalized information about their college choices by using university home pages, scholarship Web sites, e-mail to college admissions counselors, and e-mail to college students. They will use this information to find a college that is a perfect fit. Student Pages

The Cutting Edge of Music Technology Music - Technology, Instruments
Student Pages

EcoWatch Biome Research Project: AP Biology
Student Pages

The Effects of Counseling on the Potential Drop-Out - Counseling
Fifteen tenth-grade students will be classified based on the following criteria: Failed three or more subjects, has an attendance rate less than 75 percent, low self-esteem, no parents or siblings ever graduated from high school, low socioeconomic status, and lacks self-motivation. Once these students are classifed as potentail drop-outs, they will engage in counseling strategy to affect this status. A survey will be designed and utilized to place these students in a potential drop-out classification. The counseling strategy will include an in-class session that will focus primarily on character building traits. Students will make Web pages and work on activities for topics. The parent's role is to serve as support and caregivers. The students will communicate with three different schools for students who have left school before graduation but have returned. This communication will be done through e-mail and other online programs. Student Pages

The Future of Social Security: Economics
The Social Security will go broke by the year 2025 if it remains as it is. An Advisory Council on Social Security can not agree on what to do to extend and expand Social Security. High school students will be a part of the Advisory Council's decision-making team. Some of them will be working with state representative, Jerry Weller from Illinois. The students will also be in contact with Peter Ladd, Field Director of Economic Security 2000 and Marcilyn Creque, Regional Volunteer Director for the American Association of Retired Persons. Peter and Marcy represent opposite opinions about the Social Security dilemna. Student Pages

Global Symposium: English, Biology, Algebra, Geography
Student Pages

How Do We Inherit Our Biological Characteristics?: Biology
Tenth grade biology students investigate human genetic disorders. Student Pages

How to Personalize Your College Search -- Or College Search Made Easy
Student Pages

Investment Portfolio: World of Business - How to Invest Your Money

International Relations: Presidential Brief Assignment: International Relations
Freshmen at Wheaton Warrenville South High School enrolled in the AP International Relations class, are assigned a semester-long engaged learning project by means of the Internet entitled - Presidential Brief Assignment. Student Pages

Multimedia Final Project: Computers, Math, Health, English, Science, Buisness, social studies
Student Pages

Public Art Exchange Project: English - World Literature
Student Pages

The Recycler Project: Physics
This home page has been set up so that the non-scientist, or person with minimal science background, may learn a little about Fermilab's Recycler Project. It is a unique project that is remarkable in its simplicity, while requiring an intense knowledge of the structure and function of magnets, sub-atomic particles, nuclear accelerators. Even if you aren't an expert, you can still peruse this home page and learn, learn, learn! Student Pages

Relativity: Physics
This is an open ended investigative study of relativity. Student Pages

Roadmap To Buying A New Car: Comsumer Education/Business Education
Student Pages

Search for ET: Science - Physics
High school students physics concepts to investigate the existence of extraterrestrial life. Student Pages

Sight and Sound in Nature: Science
High school physics students choose from a variety of topics to demonstrate their understanding through year-end projects. Student Pages

Smallville's Prairie Problem: Biology, Environmental Science, Social Studies and/or Math
The invitation to learn is offered via a fictitious newspaper story regarding the potential commercial development of a tallgrass prairie site. The resulting multidisciplinary science study has many common elements which can be tailored to various grade levels. Student Pages

Supplying Our Water Needs - This interdisciplinary project involves students in a number of problems relating to water quality and supplying our water needs. This topic is a natural for study at all levels of elementary and secondary school. These units focus on projects that help students make connections among national issues, the school disciplines, and their own communities.

Take a Ride Around the World on the Internet: Internet
Student Pages

Technical Writing for Skill Development: Writing
Recent research is indicating that engaging students in authentic technical writing can improve student performance in all areas of the curriculum. Ninth through twelfth grade students involved in this project will work with peer review groups, on-line mentors and mathematics, science, social studies and language arts teachers and a project facilitator to learn the technical writing process and to publish technical writing pieces (on student designed web pages) for student selected non-profit organizations. Student Pages

Water, Water Everywhere and None to Drink - English
Ninth-grade students at Carver Area High School in Chicago will research the importance of maintaining an unpolluted water source for today and for the future. The students will determine what steps they can take to make their parents and the community-at-large more aware of the need for involvement in the effort to maintain a pure water supply. Student Pages

Weather Investigation Through the Internet: Earth Science
Student Pages

Wildlife Trade: Buyer Beware: Math, Social Studies, Science
This project demonstrates the feasibility of integrating learning strategies, math, social studies and science within a traditional high school schedule. Student Pages

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