Assessing Your Work - Rubric for Electronic Publishing

Student Researcher: _____________________

Partners: _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

(1 point)

Colors and patterns support readibility.




Layout is balanced and uncluttered; adequate white space.




Pages have consistent look and feel.




Graphics/photos work and do not take too long to load.




Graphics/photos are related to and enhance and/or clarify text.




Any animated gifs stop after a few cycles.




Headings and subheadings are clear, enhance readability.




Text is clear and readable; changes in size and color enhance readability.




Text is well-written and organized, clear and easy to follow.




Information is accurate and complete.




Text has no grammar or spelling errors.




Correctly credits copyrights and references.




All links work.





Site has consistent navigation bars.




All links have appropriate names and/or annotation.