Assessing Your Work - Research Paper Rubric

Student Researcher: _____________________

Partners: _____________________ _____________________ _____________________
Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations
Points Earned
1 or 0
Factual Information All information correct Most information correct Little or no information correct  
Argument Clear argument Adequate argument Inadequate or missing argument  
Scientific Context Excellent scientific context/development Adequate scientific context/development Poor sense or missing scientific context/development  
Variety of Sources Excellent variety of sources; excellent use of relevant materials

Adequate number of sources; adequate use of relevant materials

Inadequate number of sources; inadequate use of relevant materials

Discussion/Detail Excellent discussion/detail Adequate discussion/detail Vague/shallow discussion/detail  
Depth of Insight/Analysis Impressive depth of insight/analysis Adequate depth of insight/analysis Unexceptional insight/analysis  
Form and Style Effective introduction Adequate introduction Weak or missing introduction  
Conclusion Effective conclusion Adequate conclusion Weak or missing conclusion  
Organization Clear organization Adequate organization Confusing or weak organization  
Transitions Smooth transitions Adequate transitions Awkward or missing transitions  
Spelling and Grammar   Correct grammar; no spelling mistakes Incorrect grammar; many spelling mistakes  
References in Footnotes and Bibliography   Correctly credits references Incorrectly credits references or credits missing