Assessing Your Work - Rubric for Conducting a Research Study

Student Researcher: _____________________

Partners: _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations
Points Earned
1 or 0
 Refines research question, determines what needs to be learned, questions to answer
  Research is accurately defined.
 Research is adequately defined.
 Research is poorly defined or undefined.
 Research plan addresses research question(s).
 Well-constructed research plan
 Adequate research plan
 Poor or missing research plan
 Gathers background information from a variety of sources
 Many sources; a lot of variety
 Many sources; Some variety
 Few or no sources
 Separates facts from opinions
 Supports claims with clear research evidence from valid sources
 Supports claims with research evidence; some unreliable sources
 Little or no support and/or evidence for claims; unreliable sources
 Collects and records data
 Complete and accurate records including supplementary data
 Complete and accurate records
 Missing or incomplete data; inaccurate records
 Contributes data for a larger research study
 Contributes well
 Contributes adequately or relates to larger study
 Does not contribute
Analyzes data; organizes and explains information
 Explains data; accurate, logical explanations
 Explains data; accurate, logical explanations
 Poor or missing explanation of data
 Develops conclusions, synthesizes information and makes decisions
 Reaches a creative, sensible decision based on all factors
 Reaches a reasonable decision based on most factors
 Reaches a poor decision based on few or no factors
 Takes action
 Creative, clear action plan
 Clear action plan
 Unclear or missing action plan