Assessing Your Work

Rubric for Publishing Results

Student Researcher: _____________________

Partners: _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

 Exceeds Expectations

 Meets Expectations

Does Not Meet Expectations


 Points Earned



 1 or 0

Demonstrate the ability to collect data using various technologies

Evidence of all technologies utilized to their best advantage

Evidence of most technologies utilized adequately

Little or no evidence of technologies utilized


Organize and analyze information to support a course of action

Amply information is well organized

Adequate information is evident

Little or no information is presented is useable form


Synthesis of information from multiple perspectives

Information fairly represents all sides of the issue

Information is evident, but contains only one side of the issue

Information is flawed, unfairly evidenced or non-existent


Oral, visual, and written communication

Information is presented well in all three forms

Information is presented adequately in at least two forms

Information is poorly presented or only one form is evident


Cooperative, productive group behavior

Excellent behavior and leadership evident; helpful and considerate

Good behavior and attitude; will assist others if< requested; considerate

Not engaged in group action; disruptive or unwilling to participate with the group




OVERALL POINT TOTAL: _____________